Tutor Pix and Youtube videos!

16 02 2012

Good salutation-al evenings to you all,


Our video is in post post post post production, and  fingers crossed my upload is fast enough, you will have the twit / tweet / twoot on the #itc12 hashtag soon enough!


here below are Ryan & Neil!




Neil ‘Babyface’ Benson

And here he is again appearing in colour:


Neil Benson


And here is Ryan with 5 opposable thumbs! ( 4 are visible)



Sam Kilday signing in!

15 02 2012

Poster has been completed by Melissa. Looks fantastic, will be uploaded right now. Here:





😀 there we go!

And the hunt is ON!

15 02 2012

Having had the pep-talk this morning at 10am, we set off on our venture around Nelson and NMIT. The Clues got more progressively harder as the hours wore on.. The one that stumped this team was Irene and her “sprigged shoes” haha.

Below, are the photos and our fun times we had around the town!


The first clue, led us to SANITI – Two people featured here are in the race for Student Rep at level 2


Featured here are the posers at the Student Center


Nek Minnit we’re at the Library on the second floor!


Off to meet some royalty now – @the Prince Albert (luckily we had a language expert on hand 😀 )


Guess who is hiding in the bush….. @ 623 In the City



Okay, so the Susan Boyle link…While useful was not entirely necessary… I think people got this one more-so off the fact that they know that Noel leemings has two stores in Nelson. But still very nice and witty 😀 @ Noel Leeming (technology)



Sam ( the hat guy) used to work here, so he leads us in saying “OHAI GUYS AN GURLLLLZ”

Very nice clue to work out here, leading us off to Whittcoulls. (we were followed from subway by Hayden Grant)


So we immediately went to look in the corner where it was last year, but it wasn’t there. thanks to the keen eye of James! we spot this which was nicely disguised into a book on a poster!



Nek Minnit the cold drink with “Roberto H” turned out to have 4 teams converge onto Marks (hot) daughters (don’t kill me Mark!)



Off to the Sprig – FINALLY worked this clue out… Didn’t realize that Irene liked to frequent this fine establishment! SPONSOR



Finally found this clue…. as it was I remember that last year this was situated above Melissa’s head.

This here is all of the clues – Stay tuned for the final reply for the Fresh Choice QR code coming soon to a WordPress post near you!

Welcome to 2012 at NMIT!

13 02 2012

Well after many months of working as many hours as humanely possible – the author is ready to get back into the swing of things this year… Starting with Challenge Week! A variety of challenges await us eager returning BIT students and nervous first years.

With day one already under way, Team Jaybams has started off strongly by designating tasks and sorting out our order of things to be achieved!!

The line-up is below:

James Russell: Team Leader

Sam Kilday: Chief engineer for the Youtube video 😀

Aaron Fisk: Our multi-language expert

Melissa : Our -house resident poster designer expert

Brian: (he’s just too awesome!)

Hello world!

13 02 2012

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